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Synthetic Dreadlocks

There are a variety of ways to add ‘fake’ dreadlocks to your hair, depending on your budget, desired ‘neatness’ of the actual body of the dread or the way the roots hang, and whether you are looking for a short or long term style.

Long Term Synthetic Dreadlocks

The most realistic looking of these are standard synthetic dreadlocks, which are dreaded in with your own hair and secured with extension glue (invisible). These give the ‘neatest’ roots, as there is only one dread to each square section.

For up to 6 colours, a full head of standard synthetic dreadlocks are £250 for ‘bob’ length, or £275 for between shoulder and mid back length. Bear in mind that these dreads will gradually tighten and ‘stretch’ to up to another 50% of their original length over the first few weeks, so will start off slightly thicker and shorter than the final result, which is seen once the dreads have settled. On average, appointments take approximately 2.5 days.

Root constructions (using matching hair) are also available at £60.

Double Ended Synthetic
Dreadlock Installation

A double ended dreadlock is one which, when folded in half, forms two complete dreadlocks joined in the middle.

These are installed via braiding and banding them in with your own hair, to give a striking appearance, but without the worry of damaging your hair, as they can be easily removed for up to 4 weeks and are re-usable, however the roots are more visible than long term synthetics.

Installations are priced at £40, plus the cost of 60 double ended dreadlocks. (either 6 packets of ‘Elysee Star’ silky dread twists at £8.50-10 per pack, Urban Halo custom made dreads (please email us for a quote) or dreads you may already own).  Installation appointments take up to 4 hours.

Single Ended Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions

Do you already have dreadlocks and wish they were longer, but don’t want to wait?
Urban Halo offer a custom made extension service involving a free colour and texture match/dreadlock count consultation, before producing a set of pre-made single ended extensions, which are then secured by sewing and blending with your own dreads.

Prices vary depending on length, number and complexity, starting from £150-200 per full head, or £3 for individual dreadlocks.

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