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Natural Dreadlocks

The main thing to remember when considering natural dreadlocks is that it is a long term style. Whereas it is possible to remove them (albeit a long and painful process!) there can be no guarantee as to your hair’s condition afterwards. Also, when done properly, dreadlocks ARE washable, so there is no excuse to avoid that shower!

Whatever hair type you have, it needs to be a minimum of 5 inches long (pulled straight) all over before it can be transformed into dreadlocks. Your dreads will start off up to half the length of your loose hair at the end of the initial session, although the dreads ‘stretch’ at a rate far faster than your hair naturally grows, so you will soon start to get the length back as they start to settle.

The Urban Halo method is a hybrid ‘belt and braces’ approach involving basic backcombing, twisting and knotting techniques with a thin glue spine and sewing/waxing as required, so will tame even the finest, straightest, most flyaway hair into sturdy long-lasting dreadlocks.

Using these techniques means that your dreads will start to establish themselves within a couple of months, rather than a period of up to one year if done by the traditional ‘home grown’ method. It is also designed so that your style is as low maintenance as possible, as dreads should only require the occasional post-washing wax application in between tighten ups.

A full head of natural dreadlocks is £125 (taking 9 - 12 hours on average) plus a half price tighten up at £25 after the first month, as this is necessary to enable the knots to settle during the early stages.

Tighten ups are then £50 (average 4-6 hours) every few months afterwards, and are recommended every 3 to 4 months.

Dread Rescues

Whatever state your dreadlocks are in, there is usually a way of restoring them to their former glory, or turning them into the style they were originally meant to be, so before you reach for those scissors, get in touch and see whether Urban Halo can help.

The images below (or above!) show a variety of before and after shots, to give you a flavour of the type of rescue work that can be achieved given a bit of time, patience and TDC. (tender dreadlock care!)

Prices are based on difficulty and estimated appointment time, so fall between £50 and £125 depending on the level of mess to be recovered!

If you would like a quotation, please email clear images of the front, back and top of your hair to urbanhalo@hotmail.com.

Dreadlock removals are also available subject to consultation, with prices starting at £100. No responsibility can be held for the condition of your hair after these sessions, but we do endeavour to unknot as much of your hair’s length as possible ready for restyling.

Dread Colouring

Particular care needs to be taken when dying dreadlocks (especially when using peroxide) in order to find the right product and ensure that all residue is washed out afterwards to avoid scalp irritation.

Common requests include full heads of blonde/colour, graduated lightening of ends, scattered colour throughout the style, colouring of just the front/underneath/top layers...the list is endless!
Whatever shade or style you have in mind for your locks, however unusual or adventurous, get in touch for a quotation.

Pricing starts at just £5 for individual dreads or from £50 for end colour graduation or a full head of colour.

For information and prices on dread care products, beads and bands, please see our merchandise (Insert link) pages. Brands include Dreadhead HQ and Knotty Boy as well as Urban Halo branded products.

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