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Synthetic Hair Extensions

The method Urban Halo use to install loose synthetic hair extensions does not involve any glue or solvents, so you don’t need to worry about causing damage to your hair through chemicals and tricky removal procedures. Instead, each extension has a tiny, short (less than 1cm) braided root, which is then heat sealed – i.e. the synthetic hair is melted together to form the bond. To remove your extensions, simply divide each section into two near the root and gently tug apart to break the bond, then tease the extension out gently with your fingers to release it from your hair.

(Not designed for use with ceramic straighteners/tongs, if you absolutely have to re-straighten them, please only use the old style steam ones and move quickly through the sections of hair avoiding the roots. If your styling equipment is too hot, the synthetic hair will melt!)

Synthetic extensions come in a choice of straight, natural wave or curly, can be installed down to thigh length and are available in almost every conceivable colour (including UV reactive!).

They can be installed in a number of styles for the best possible effect:

Colour Flashes

How about introducing yourself to coloured extensions with a good sized block of colour a couple of inches down from your parting or peeking out amongst a long layered fringe, with the ends sliced to compliment your existing style, so the coloured section moves naturally as your own hair moves.

£25 per section. Colours subject to stock.

Colour from Underneath

Two to three rows of extensions through the lower sections of your hair (temple to nape to temple) create a lovely style where the colour flashes out from underneath your hair, sweeping round and out through to the ends at the front, again with the ends styled to match your own cut.

£100 for up to 3 colours.


Using the same layout of extensions as for ‘colour from underneath’. A consultation and colour matching appointment is required, as usually two or three colours need to be blended together for a natural look which matches your own hair as closely as possible.

£125 for up to 3 colours, additional colours up to £15 each depending on stock levels.

Full head

Most styles can be achieved without the need for a full head of extensions, however for the purpose of thickening your hairstyle and minimising the appearance of existing layers, you may opt for a full head of extensions. Please see the note above on the restricted use of hair straighteners before opting for this style, as only human hair should be straightened at very high temperatures!

Prices start at £300 dependent on usage of colour and styling required. Consultations and quotations available on request.

Human Hair Extensions

At present, Urban Halo do not offer regular loose human hair extensions or wefts despite staff being well trained in their installation and removal. This is to minimise liability for any damage sustained from clients leaving them in for too long, or failing to crush the bonds properly during self-removal, resulting in hair breakage near the roots.  If you already have bonded human hair extensions, always ask a trained professional to remove them for you within 6 to 8 weeks to minimise the chances of this type of damage.

Removal of existing human hair extensions will be considered however, subject to a consultation and quote, but please note that Urban Halo cannot accept responsibility for any damage sustained to your hair due to another salon’s workmanship or extensions which have been neglected.

Having said this, human hair is available on request for use in dreadlocks or braided root (3cm+) work with the ends left loose, with prices subject to consultation and quote.
If you would like human hair to be used in your chosen style, please note that whereas it does produce the most natural effects and styles, choosing it to be part of your style will add a substantial sum to your bill, as it generally costs between £110 and £210 purely to purchase the hair.

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